Emma J’s testimonial

Wow! Wow! Wow! I have just had an amazing experience.

Sophie’s lovely manner helped me to feel very comfortable and open immediately. She talked me through the session and helped me to feel totally relaxed, grounded and tuned in through using some deep breathing exercises.

Her reading was spot on and it felt like she was in my head answering all the unheard questions and doubts I have been carrying around for the past few weeks. 

I highly recommend anyone to have a reading and I will definitely be joining Sophie for a breathwork event ASAP. 

Thank you Sophie, you are a truly beautiful soul.

Barbara’s testimonial

I feel good. The chatter stopped. My mind is clear.

Clarity testimonial

Sophie held a strong sacred space during my breath session with her. She helped me come to a deep realization and I would highly recommend her services. She’s calm, centered and holds a very loving safe space. 

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