Transformative Mirroring Work

through Tarot

I honestly never thought I would ever become a Transformative Tarot reader.

I did because when I learnt it I had many breakthroughs and received valuable insights about myself. I also realised it is NOT a prediction tool. Instead I understood the cards simply mirror back to us what goes on inside our subconscious. They answer a question you will have in your mind. It’s pretty powerful and magical.

You primarily ask a question to the universe in your mind and when you instruct me I stop shuffling and lay the cards in front of me. Then the magic begins.

The way I read the cards is unique. I tune into them, the energy around them, the energy around you and provide you with insights so that you leave the session feeling empowered and clear.

How does a Transformative Tarot session unfold?

A session lasts 60 minutes, with the reading lasting 30 to 45 minutes.

During this time, and after an introduction, I get you to relax and ground using your breath. Once you are calm, you ask a question to the universe in your mind (not me!) and when you’re ready you ask me to stop shuffling. Then the magic happens.

You will gain clarity and insights throughout the reading, and receive suggestions too.

You will leave the session inspired to make positive changes in your life.

I run all my Transformative Tarot sessions on Zoom.

Check my diary to book a session now.

Why did I train in Tarot?

When I trained in Tarot, it was to initially gain clarity on some aspects of my life that weren’t flowing properly.

When I finished my course, not only did I get the clarity I needed but I also developed my intuition further, boosted my self-confidence and increased my self-esteem.

The positive results I got for myself motivated me to read for others.

As I love to share what works with me, I decided to add this offering to support my clients further.

Who did I train with?

I trained with Tiffany Crosara who is an Inner Transformation Specialist, a multi-award winning personal development facilitator and an award-winning author. I chose her because she is a light-hearted, fun and a skilled teacher.

I met Tiffany in the downstairs toilet of a venue whilst participating in an Energetic NLP weekend.  She dropped her pennies and one came rolling down my side, it made me giggle instantly. We came out at the same time and burst out laughing. I knew then we would be working together at some points. I never knew how or what it’d look like. Three years later I took her flagship course The Transformational Truth of Tarot. I can’t rate it highly enough!

She is dedicating her life to changing the perception people have about Tarot. Don’t take me wrong, there are people out there who use it to predict the future but this is not the way I learned it. I lived with the cards daily and it’s through experiencing them that I learned to read them.

Here is what Tiffany says about me:

“Sophie has very strong empathic and intuitive skills that help you to relax deeper, and open far easier than normal allowing yourself to access new levels of depth in your being. When that happens anything is possible and way faster than in usual therapeutic practices – it’s an incredibly rare and strong skill and Sophie possesses it.”

I don’t use Tarot daily in my life but often enough to love the clarity it brings. I would tend to use it when I’m feeling stuck in a situation.

If you are intrigued or would like to book a session follow this link to my calendar.

If you are thinking of becoming a tarot reader and are interested to find out more about Tiffany’s course, book a 15 minutes free call to discuss it.

Ways we can work together

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